Charities & Paid Solicitors

Notice to Charitable Organizations, Paid Solicitors, and Telephonic Sellers

The Department of Law adopted regulations (PDF - 919K) that change the filing requirements for the registration of charitable organizations, paid solicitors, and telephonic sellers.

For telephonic sellers, revised registration forms will be available on the Department of Law website soon.

For charitable organizations and paid solicitors:

  • New registration forms for charitable organizations and paid solicitors are now available on this website. Charitable organizations and paid solicitors must use the new registration forms to register in 2016.
  • The Department of Law will no longer be accepting the Unified Registration Statement (URS) for charitable organization registration. Charitable organizations will not be required to provide a copy of their IRS Form 990, audited financial statement, or contract with paid solicitors at the time they register.
  • Charitable organizations and paid solicitors can pay registration fees and register online.

The Attorney General administers and enforces Alaska's charitable solicitation laws.

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