Criminal Division

The Criminal Division works to assure safe and healthy communities by prosecuting and convicting criminal offenders throughout Alaska.

Richard Svobodny
Deputy Attorney General - Criminal Division

John B. Skidmore
Director - Criminal Division

Criminal Division Central Office Juneau

Alaska Department of Law - Criminal Division
PO Box 110300
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0300

Criminal Division Central Office Anchorage

Alaska Department of Law - Criminal Division
310 K Street, Suite 403
Anchorage, AK 99501-2064

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The division prosecutes violations of state criminal law committed by adults and a large portion of the serious crimes committed by juveniles. Prosecution services protect the public by convicting criminals and placing them under appropriate controls. Without the prosecution services of the Criminal Division, Alaskans would not be able to live in safe and healthy communities. The day-to-day prosecution services are carried out by thirteen regional district attorney's offices.

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Victim/Witness Assistance

The division provides assistance to victims and witnesses of crimes, including information about court procedures, domestic violence restraining orders, and violent crimes compensation procedures. Victim and witness services are provided through the district attorney's offices throughout the state.

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Special Prosecutions and Appeals

Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals
310 K Street, Suite 308
Anchorage, AK 99501-2064

Kenneth M. Rosenstein
Solicitor General of Criminal Affairs, Anchorage

The appellate unit in the Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals (OSPA) represents the state in criminal appellate proceedings and state and federal post-conviction and habeas corpus proceedings. It also handles civil litigation challenging statutes related to criminal justice, for instance sex offender registration, or victims' rights.

Special Prosecutions:
Robert E. Henderson
Chief Assistant Attorney General, Anchorage

The special prosecutions unit of OSPA focuses on environmental crime, child support enforcement, welfare fraud, PFD and tax fraud, Medicaid provider fraud, cold case prosecutions, selected fish and game prosecutions, white collar crime and other special prosecutions.

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Advice to Public Safety Agencies

The Criminal Division provides basic legal services to the Departments of Corrections and Public Safety. These services include providing verbal and written advice and representing the departments in civil litigation and administrative proceedings directly related to the functions of the departments. The division also assists the departments in drafting legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures. Advice and litigation related to employment, contracts, and torts, however, is handled by the Civil Division of the Department of Law.

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