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Yak’éi haat yigoodée!
(Tlingit) "It is good that you have come here!"
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Employment Opportunities

Attorney & Litigation Coordinator Positions

The Alaska Department of Law offers wide opportunities for legal practice in civil and criminal law and the unique opportunity provided under Alaska law for unlicensed attorneys working for the department to have temporary bar privileges for up to 10 months before obtaining formal admission to the Alaska Bar (AS 08.08.210(d)).

Position OpeningDivisionSectionLocation
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilLabor & State AffairsAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilOpinions, Appeals & EthicsAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilNatural Resources Anchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilChild ProtectionAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilSpecial LitigationAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilTorts & Workers' CompensationAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilEnvironmentalAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilLabor & State AffairsAnchorage
Assistant District AttorneyCriminalDistrict Attorney's OfficeKenai
Assistant District AttorneyCriminalDistrict Attorney's OfficeBethel
Assistant District AttorneyCriminalDistrict Attorney's OfficeAnchorage
Assistant Attorney GeneralCivilLabor & State AffairsAnchorage

Fellowship Program Positions

The Department of Law fellowship program is an opportunity for exceptionally talented new attorneys to join a strong team of appellate and trial practitioners and gain broad experience and insight into the diverse public sector work of the Attorney General’s and District Attorney's offices.

Position OpeningDivisionSectionLocation
Fellowship AttorneyCriminalDistrict Attorney's Office / Office of Criminal AppealsAnchorage

Professional & Legal Support Staff Positions

The Department of Law provides career opportunities for a wide range of analyst, paralegal, administrative and office professionals, administering expertise, support and core services essential to the day-to-day operations of the department's civil, criminal and administrative divisions.

Internship Program

The Department of Law has volunteer intern positions available throughout the year for students enrolled in accredited law schools.