Alaska Department of Law Internship Program

Intern Experiences


My summer in Alaska was awesome! The intern program here is unmatched. The work was incredibly interesting. I worked on issues of constitutional law that have little precedent in Alaska and broad implications for the development of this young State. The attorneys treat you like family, and make a great effort to ensure that you are experiencing all that Alaska has to offer. When I wasn't researching exciting legal questions, I was hiking and backpacking in the mountains. Alaska's beauty is unbelievable, and the attorneys make sure that you have the time, equipment, and company to experience it to the fullest.

- Byron, New York University School of Law, Summer 2013


"I can't imagine having done anything else with my summer. The Department of Law exposed me to a wider range of legal issues and practice areas than I could ever have expected to work on during one summer. The Department's attorneys are very engaged and dedicated people from whom I learned a tremendous amount. The attorneys were very attuned to interns' areas of interest and always made sure to notify interns if any projects coincided with those interests. There were a number of opportunities to learn outside of the office, as well, including the mock trial program, a visit to the Alaska Supreme Court, and the opportunity to watch trial and appellate proceedings. And what could be better than spending weekends hiking in Denali and kayaking in Homer?"

- Karthik, Harvard Law School, Summer 2013


Interning with the Department of Law was a truly excellent experience in every sense of the phrase. I was able to work on real civil motions and participate in meetings with opposing counsel. They attorneys in the office were incredible mentors, always glad to give feedback and making me feel like I was part of the team. I learned a ton about what type of legal work interests me and had my first encounter with fishing waders. I really cannot imagine a better way to spend the summer.

- Meg, New York University School of Law, Summer 2103


When people ask me, "How was Alaska?" it's difficult to know how to respond. There are really no words to describe how exceptional this experience was, but I'll try. The mixture of work and play is like no other legal internship you will find. At work I conducted legal research, drafted motions, attended client meetings, and observed court proceedings. The atmosphere of the office is professional yet extremely friendly. It was also great to arrive in Alaska with a whole cohort of interns from across the country. On the weekends we went halibut and salmon fishing, backpacking and kayaking. At the end of the summer it was extremely difficult to say goodbye to my coworkers, fellow interns and Alaska's natural beauty.

- Rebecca, University of California, Davis School of Law, Summer 2013


Although I may be a bit biased as a lifelong Alaskan, I think that everyone should be clamoring for a summer internship at the Alaska Department of Law. Not only are interns given interesting and substantial legal work, but it is done in a low-stress, welcoming environment where a healthy work/life balance is essentially mandated. The internship is also set in a place with unrivaled beauty where many like-minded interns are eager to go on many outdoor adventure activities. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience to everyone who is thinking of applying.

- Sam, Boston College Law School, Summer 2013


Being a legal intern in the frontier state has been an experience of a lifetime. In addition to gaining invaluable exposure to diverse areas of law, including appearing in a mock trial in front of a federal judge, I've had the opportunity to hike multiple mountains, visit glaciers, catch salmon and halibut for dinner, watch humpback whales bubble feed, and observe adorable black bears steal my garbage and gorge on salmon swimming upstream.

Taier, Brooklyn Law School, Summer 2013


Interning with the Department of Law was a great opportunity to get hands on legal experience while spending a summer in the most beautiful place on Earth.

- Michael, University of Washington Law School, Summer 2013


"I could not imagine a better summer internship experience. The office is filled with warm, welcoming, and interesting people. The attorneys I worked with were true mentors, providing guidance and support. In addition to researching, writing, working with clients, and going to court, I was exposed to a wide range of legal issues and assignments. Most importantly, I was encouraged to think critically and develop my own projects and areas of interest and run with them. The stimulating legal environment coupled with the various outdoor activities and beauty of Alaska make an internship at the Department of Law an amazing summer opportunity. Also, you will see a moose in your backyard."

- Aaron, University of California, Hastings College of Law, Summer 2012


I've been talking quite a bit to my fellow law students and hearing about their experiences, and I have to say that I am so lucky to have worked at the Department of Law this summer. It was truly a unique experience and very valuable both personally and to my legal education.

- Joanna, University of Washington, Summer 2011


"Working in Alaska is exciting because it really is different than any other state. I was exposed to unique legal issues, and was introduced to a wonderful and tightknit legal community. I don't think many other internships could have provided me with the type of experience I got this summer. And to top it off, just being in Alaska makes every day just a little bit more fun!"

- Zephyr, Vermont University, Summer 2012


"The Department of Law's staff was unbelievably welcoming, generous, and gracious. I felt from day one that the staff was genuinely committed to making sure that I had an educational and rewarding internship. People in the office seem like they really enjoy their jobs, and their commitment and enthusiasm for their work was inspiring. I got to take on real responsibilities, and I had the sense that all of the attorneys I worked with respected and valued my input. In addition, Alaska is even more beautiful and stunning than I had imagined. Within the first couple of days, it became clear that there was so much to see and do that I could never get to everything during my ten short weeks. Not everyone can say that memories of their summer internship will last a lifetime, but I won't soon forget seeing a grizzly look me in the eye in Denali National Park, hiking through the woods under the midnight sun, or glissading down a snowy mountain in late May."

John (on left), University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Summer 2012


"An internship with Alaska's Attorney General is the best kept secret among law school interns. I am confident in saying no other legal externship or internship could expose a law student to more. My internship in the Consumer and Fair Business Section gave me amazing, real-world exposure to the Civil Division of the Attorney General's Office and provided unique experiences in a variety of contexts. I worked closely with amazing attorneys on fascinating legal topics, assisted in a grand jury indictment hearing, witnessed oral arguments before the Supreme Court, and participated in a trial advocacy workshop with Federal Judge, Timothy Burgess. Each day was exciting, fun and unforgettable. My experiences in the office were made even more incredible by the wildlife and scenery of Alaska! As interns, we worked hard in the office during the week, and we played just as hard on the weekends!"

- Blake, University of Nevada, William S. Boyd School of Law, Summer 2011


"In addition to being given the opportunity to work on real civil trial motions and appellate briefs, I participated in a mock trial, which was probably the most transformative experience I had this summer. I was able to prepare for and present a criminal trial, from starting strategy to closing arguments."

- Johanna, Columbia School of Law, Summer 2012


"I had an excellent time this summer in the Child Protection section. Because Alaska is a young state I was quickly faced with issues of first impression and I was given projects and opportunities that I think are rare in internships. Definitely the best place I could have been to learn and live for the summer."

- Andrew, CUNY Law School, Summer 2012


My summer as an intern at the Department of Law was an incredibly fun and legally substantive experience. I was exposed to all aspects of litigation, including settlement assessment committees, brief writing, motion practice, witness preparation, and trial and appellate practice. The attorneys I worked with were true mentors and really helped guide me through unfamiliar waters while also giving me the freedom to take on projects and run with them. The intern program added the benefit of a fun social aspect to the summer and it was really great getting to know not only the interns in our office, but interns around the city. Everyone here was so generous, consistently lending gear and giving advice that led to new Alaskan adventures every weekend.

- Bailey, William and Mary, Summer 2011


"I cannot say enough great things about my internship for the Alaska Attorney General's Office. The atmosphere in the office was extremely collegial and made me look forward to coming to work each day. The attorneys were very welcoming and willing to take the time to answer any questions I had regarding legal issues or post-graduation plans. In addition to the exceptional experiences that I had in the office, I had a chance to explore the beauty of Alaska. The sun doesn't set until midnight, so there are countless hours to do things like run through the snow on the top of Mount Alyeska, pet reindeer, feed musk oxen, and explore the countless trails running throughout Alaska (just to name a few). I wholeheartedly recommend an internship with the Alaska Attorney General's Office; you won't regret it!"

Erica, Rutgers School of Law, Summer 2012


"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Alaska Department of Law and feel extremely lucky to have had such a great opportunity working in the Human Services section. The attorneys and office staff were always there to help me learn as much as possible about Alaska's law, particularly the civil mental commitment process. As a certified intern, I conducted civil commitment hearings three days a week, which helped reinforce the rules of evidence I learned at school and gave me a solid appreciation for the due process issues. But besides the wonderful work experience, Alaska is just a great place to be during the summer - plenty of sunlight, lots of hiking and camping opportunities, and the variety and abundance of wildlife. I can think of no better place to intern during law school summer."

- Vance (center), University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Summer 2012