Consumer Alert

Alaska State Trooper/Jury Service Scam

Persons (generally males) identifying themselves as Alaska State Troopers are calling with the bad news that you missed federal jury service and they have a warrant for your arrest. Then they tell you they can get the “judge” to “clear this whole thing up” if you go to Fred Meyers or another store and get an “electronic voucher” of the fine amount which you will find as a “MoneyPak” on the gift card rack as a “bond” until you prove your innocence. The “trooper” will ask you to bring your “verification” to the trooper station on Tudor Road.

This is a scam. There is no warrant, and the federal government does not accept MoneyPak gift cards as payment. If you actually follow the fake trooper’s instructions, the scammer will stay on the phone with you. When you obtain the MoneyPak, the scammer will ask you to scratch off the number on the card, which is the point where he steals your money. The scammer promises you will get your money back when you get to the trooper station. You will not get your money back.

The scammers use a lot of jargon and sound very businesslike and official. They pretend to get upset if you question them. Don’t fall for this. Alaska State Troopers do not serve warrants for persons summoned for federal jury service. If in doubt, call the Alaska State Troopers at 907-334-4472. This is the desk number of the Alaska State Trooper Investigator who is investigating the trooper scam.

Consumer Protection Unit
July 2017