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 Alaska! The name alone invokes dramatic images of majestic mountains rising from the ocean, glaciers towering over shorelines, rushing rivers teeming with salmon, and grizzlies and caribou roaming freely in a vast wilderness.  This truly is the last Frontier.  And for many, it is the vacation destination of a lifetime.

To help ensure that your experience in Alaska is a positive one, the Alaska Attorney General has some advice on how to plan and enjoy your trip.

Alaska Tips for Travel
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In addition to the rugged beauty of its mountains, rivers, and coastlines, Alaska is famous for the distinctive arts and crafts produced by Alaska Native artists.  If you are considering purchasing Alaska Native art, it's smart to invest a little time learning about the processes and materials Alaska Natives use to make these unique and beautiful objects.

Tips for Purchasing Alaska Native Art
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To request full color copies of the Tips for Travel and Alaska Native Art tri-fold brochures, fill out the Brochure Request Form (PDF 711K) and submit it to the Alaska Department of Law.

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